Your Birth Data

Chart consultations are organized around your birth data.
Before we meet, you will simply send over your birth information or birth information for individual or relationship members or any family members who will be receiving chart consultations.

Birth data includes: date, place (city, state, country) and time of birth (hour:minute) Example: July 5, 1980 Denver, Colorado, USA 4:56pm.

Your birth time should be as accurate as possible. However, many people have just a rough idea of their time of birth and this can be worked with usefully, if this is your situation please let me know this upon booking of your consultation.

If you have no time of birth you will first need to receive a chart rectification. I will direct you on how to receive this.

Face to Face Consultations

If you are visiting or located in Maui, I offer face to face consultations, scheduled via appointment, at Upcountry (Makawao) office location or arranged location.
Follow up, review sessions and coaching programs are available thereafter. Follow up sessions are held via phone, at a frequency that suits you or at a time that feels useful to you. If you are enrolled in a Personal Coaching Program or booked for a consultation series, sessions will happen at a regular interval arranged by both of us at an agreed upon time.

Recordings are available and can be sent to you as a mp3 file. This is a courtesy service and if in the unlikely event that the recording fails the session is not refunded or repeated. Many clients simply bring their iPhone or digital recorder and record at the time of out meeting.

Telephone Consultations

Receive a consultation in the convenience of your own home. I offer consultations by telephone. I will email or send you a copy of your chart in advance of the consultation. I will ask you to call me at the pre-arranged appointment time.


If you prefer to simply listen to your chart analysis, I offer mp3 recordings of consultations. Your birth chart along with a recording of birth chart analysis will be sent to you. Email support and follow up accompany recording material if you have any questions.

Preparing for Our Consultation

Through rigorous professional training, time with clients, and personal use of astrological information for myself, I have a very strategic way we go about chart consultations.

My goal is to guide the process based on the most efficient and potent way to onboard you to the central themes, strengths and challenges revealed in your birth chart configuration and the configurations of your relationship or family dynamics.

Additionally, it will help you to get the most out of our work together if you focus beforehand on what has prompted you to seek a consultation and to consider what, if anything specific, you would like to receive. For example, what do you want to explore in our work together? What do you feel or think is most important for you to understand about yourself or another family member?

I will send you a brief intake form to help you clarify your goals.

Please note my approach to astrology is modern and evolutionary. Which means there is an emphasis placed on your role in crafting, choosing, and determining your future. I do not offer predictions or fortune-telling.

Bookings and Cancellations

Sessions are available upon request. Appointments are available Monday – Friday 10am-5pm HST or 12pm-8pm PST and by specific appointment request.

Consultations have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Much like a doctor’s or dentist’s office, if you reschedule more than 24 hours in advance, everything proceeds as normal. If you need to reschedule less than 24 hours in advance, or worse case, you completely forget a call, the call will be considered a completed session and will be counted as your consultation time or towards your coaching plan. If either of us has an emergency (sudden loss of health etc.), we will reschedule appropriately.


Consultations are a wonderful gift. Gift cards are available. Consultation Gift Cards are great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations etc.

Please note: It is important the gift recipient is in favor of receiving a consultation.


The fee for a face-to-face consultation or telephone birthchart consultation $125 / 75 minutes
The fee for a follow up or review session is $85 / 60 minutes
The fee for a synastry consultation is $175 / 60 minutes per chart
The fee for a mini-reading is $35 / 25 minutes
Fees may be higher if additional charts are used.

*A mini-reading is a 25-minute mp3 recording that covers a specific area/theme in your present personality. The recording is made upon request and emailed to you upon completion.

Concessions may be available – and shorter initial one hour sessions are available – please ask us about this.


Cash, check, debit and credit cards are accepted. For our work over telephone/Skype or recording only check, debit and credit cards are accepted. Checks must be received prior to our consultation time (you will be given mailing address for check submission at time of booking). Debit or credit card payments are made via Paypal. For Paypal you will be sent an invoice via email – you do not need a Paypal account.


All information exchanged during consultation is confidential.