The number one thing I offer you as my client is direction.

Direction, which helps you, discover, establish, and unleash your unique path to self-actualization. By unleashing your unique path to self-actualization you will unlock the door to your life’s mission, higher purpose, and most fulfilling career.

You are either here because you are unclear about your direction, are looking for clearer direction and/or need help maintaining your direction in relationship to your mission, purpose, and career (MPC) goals.

Whichever stage you find yourself in, I am are here to help you.

Phase One.

The first phase in getting direction is established by booking a one-time introductory Direction Session.

In this session we will establish:

  • Your current understanding (or absence of understanding) of your life’s mission, higher purpose and career path (MPC: mission, purpose, career)
  • Where you are now in relationship to developing your MPC
  • What your current strategies and goals are to achieve your MPC
  • What obstacles you are facing on your path of MPC
  • Solutions to these obstacles
  • Timeframes in which you want to accomplish the outcomes associated with living your MPC

Fee: Complimentary
Length of Session: 25 minutes
Location: Phone – I will provide you conference call in number at time of booking. Call will be recorded for your future use and re-listening.

Phase Two.

The second phase in our work together is based on modern evolutionary astrological counseling. Through my expert chart analysis I will help paint you a picture of your most direct path to unleashing your unique path of self-actualization; significantly helping you move forward with your MPC goals.

Phase Two commences with a one-time birthchart analysis.
Length of Session: 75 minutes
Location: Phone or Pukulani Office Location

Phase Two continues with a 3 week series which goes into full detail of your entire chart.  This process helps you synthesize many dynamic facets of yourself to help you truly succeed at your MPC.
Length of Session: 60 minutes per week
Location: Phone or Pukulani Office Location

Phase Three.

Let’s turn direction, into action, into results.

Now that you have a clear vision of your unique path to self-actualization that can point you in the right direction toward your greatest life-goals, this is where the real work begins.

To turn direction into action into results, our initial phase of work transitions from consulting to coaching.

Living Your Life’s Mission coaching program helps clients to get to places beyond where they can get themselves.

In our 90-day coaching program we help you develop a vision, which focuses on your highest priority goals, a strategic plan by which to achieve those goals, and professional accountability throughout the whole process.
Length of Session: 60 minutes per week for 12 weeks
Location: Phone or Pukulani Office Location

Book an introductory Direction Session to get started on your path today!