“It takes knowledge and commitment to create a healthy relationship.”

– Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and Helen Hunt PH.D. Bestselling authors of Getting the Love You Want and Making Marriage Simple

Alison and Harville Hendrix

Learn from the best. NY Times bestseller, relationship expert and 19 time Oprah Winfrey guest, Harville Hendrix, offers relationship education on relationship communication and skills. In Relationship Education 101 I will teach you these skills.

Your first step in Relationship 101, starts here. Couples Communication Training is a powerful and critical companion to all relationship pairs who are committed to healing and growing in relationship. This method is straight forward and effective, with easy to apply strategies–fine-tuned to your one-of-a-kind relationship duo.

This revolutionary approach provides — you and your mate — with personalized coaching so that you can confidently build a strong relational foundation from which you can both thrive.

In this private couples training series you and your mate will:

  • Transform conflict and stress into connection and understanding
  • Experience a safe and supportive environment to speak and be heard
  • Receive step-by-step training using a simple, easy to learn and proven, structured communication process
  • Establish life long & transferable communication skills to apply for immediate improvement to your relationship now and into the future
  • Receive professional support to stay on the right track to positive & effective communication in and beyond the training

For couples and individuals in relationship who are:

  • Interested in building a lifelong relationship and proactively seeking positive relationship skills
  • Seeking to improve relationship communication, intimacy and connection
  • Stuck in a negative rut or unhealthy patterns and committed to building new patterns
  • Wanting to prevent break-up, separation, divorce
  • Struggling to find balance in a new life stage of relationship ( Examples: just getting married, having a child, loss of loved one etc)
  • Experiencing difficulty making major life decisions as a couple (Examples: buying a new home, confronting job loss/change, making a geographical move)


  • 6 Hour Training
  • Meets 3 consecutive weeks in a row for 2 hour sessions
  • Trainings occur on Sundays or Mondays between 3-5pm or via couple request
  • Makawao office location


“Everyone knows how to talk and should be allowed to express whatever they think and feel without being concerned about its impact to others.”


“No one naturally knows how to talk. Learning how to talk without polarizing is an essential skill that creates safety, regulates anxiety, restores connecting, recovers full aliveness and creates thriving organizations and communities.”


“Everyone naturally knows how to be in relationship. Relationships come easy if you are with the right person.”


“No one naturally knows how to be in a relationship. But there are now teachable skills, so that all can succeed relationally.”

Myths are listed from Safe Conversations Concepts by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D & Helen Hunt Ph.D.




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