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“Alison is a fabulous person! Every time I see her, I find a woman who is living her life through peace, love, and understanding. She’s a gem!”– Ken Blanchard, Best-Selling author of The One Minute Manager, Founder of Ken Blanchard Companies

“Alison you are amazing! Thank you so much for helping me to grow, vision and achieve my goals.” – Todd Boston, Award-Winning Musician, Produced by Wil Ackerman (Founder of Windham Hill Records)

“After time with Alison I feel like a Jedi Knight—she unlocks the force within me. Working together has helped me clarify my goals, shift my viewpoint, and helped catalyze a major paradigm shift in my life. I am endlessly grateful for my time with her.” – Two-Time Emmy Nominated Writer – Jordan Allen-Dutton

“Before working with Alison, I felt overwhelmed by which opportunities take, what professional opportunities to pursue or not pursue, and regularly talked myself out of my gut feelings. Working with Alison helped me re-center, re-calibrate, and redirect my focus. Where I once doubted my intuition, I would now describe my intuition as “on fire” (and people are noticing)! I am calm, but driven. I know what to do and I am doing it. By working together, to strengthen my ability to listen to my intuition, have faith in myself, and be grounded, I have been able to take big leaps outside my comfort zone. I now make the choices that are true for me. The result, my phone is blowing up and I am busy making music and money. My work is meaningful, inspiring and fun.”
– Jared May, The Bassist (Plays with Donovan)

Coaching Programs

I specialize in working with creatives, artists, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to go to the next level of success with their careers. Each program will specifically be shaped based on your unique needs. Laser coaching is also available if you prefer individual sessions and need immediate attention to get clarity.

1) Kickstarter Session is a one-time (60) minute phone consultation which practically, powerfully, and intuitively guides you to go to take the next step or go to the next level with your talent.

2) NEXT: 90 Day Coaching Program for purpose-driven individuals and professionals who want to utilize their natural gifts, expertise and skills to develop a new career direction, experience a new position and/or build upon their current business by taking it to a new level of success.

Sessions include inspiration, intuition & imagination all combined to innovate strategic ideas, actions & plans for your life’s work. Sessions will help reveal to you new ways to utilize your time and talent for greater return while remaining aligned to their deepest values. Programs offer specific ways to re-invent self, services, and offerings while placing emphasis on building new alliances, networks and opportunities.

3) Maintenance Program:

The Maintenance Program is designed for individuals who are already in business for themselves and need help to stay on track with all their jobs, commitments and projects. Working together we develop a powerful alliance where I will guide, assist and help to empower you to manage your career. We become a team and step-by-step, before your very eyes, your life will change at first in small simple ways leading to large changes.

Who You Are:

My client list includes a wide variety of successful professionals including: screenwriters, Hollywood entertainment company owner, NY Times bestseller, entrepreneurs, inventors, business owners, healers, yogis, college graduates, and people in transition who use coaching to fix, solve, create, or plan something, personally or professionally.

While my client load is very diverse each of my clients are driven by similar core values. They believe life is a gift, an opportunity to contribute, and a meaningful journey through which to consciously awaken. My clients are committed to their own autonomy and living from purpose while cultivating their own unique talents and gifts. My clients are equally as interested in living a balanced and wealthy life financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. They believe a rich life starts from the inside out where creativity, collaboration, and connection are the wellsprings of lasting success. They are committed to their process of self-discovery and personal development through teamwork and make their coaching relationship a priority.

My clients have a variety of goals and interests, yet they share similar characteristics when it comes to our coaching relationship. If you meet the criteria below then you are ready for coaching, I would love to talk to you:

1. You are ready to make positive changes in your life.

2. You are ready to take full responsibility for your choices and behavior.

3. You are willing to try new things.

4. You are willing to follow intuitive steps that may not make sense at the time.

5. You are willing to work from the inside out to make change.

6. You like the idea of having an unbiased partner to support you.

7. You have a meaningful message to share and a desire to transform the world with your vision.

How do I know coaching is for me?

• Are you ready to transform yourself into someone who is happy & fulfilled?

• Someone who is living from their heart, has vision and takes inspired action?

• Someone who trusts life, even during the most challenging situations?

• Someone whose personal & professional relationships both reflect their true essence?

• Someone who is ready to get on track with their health and wellbeing?

If you answered yes to the above questions (or you would like to answer yes to the questions above!), and you feel you are a good candidate for coaching, the next step is to sign-up for a free, introductory session to experience the power of coaching firsthand.

What is my investment?

Once you have received your complimentary session and we are working together your program investment is billed on a monthly basis. Your investment for coaching is based on the frequency and length of your requested sessions. Your coaching program options are listed below. If you are interested in coaching and have questions about pricing contact me directly for more information.

One-on-One Laser Coaching (booked on demand)
Option 1: 60 minutes = $125
Option 2: 90 minutes = $145

Weekly Sessions
Option 1: 4 x 30 minutes = $400 plus email support
Option 2: 4 x 60 minutes = $500 plus email support

Bi-Weekly Sessions
Option 1: 2 x 30 minutes = $250 plus email support
Option 2: 2 x 60 minutes = $350 plus email support

The following payments are accepted:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
  • PayPal
  • Checks can be sent via mail: Alison Miller, P.O. Box 1902, Kahului, Hi 96733

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