Clarity Coaching for Women works on one principle: when making a life change, a career move, or a relationship transformation, its not only faster, its funner and more effective together.

So together is what we choose.

When you are are seeking long-term results, the necessities of support, advisement and accountability are paramount.

Real results and lasting change are the outcome of a powerful coaching alliance. This is my most popular and successful program. The 100 Day Program allows for depth to build, deeply meaningful issues to be surfaced, powerful strategies to be implemented and real results to occur.

Your program is tailored to your unique situations, conditions and lifestyle.

I use professional astrological personality assessment in the background to guide and advise you through this entire journey.

And, I will call upon all or some of the following tools and techniques depending on your unique needs, pains and passions:

  • Tony Robbins’ Life Coaching (Problem Solving and Personal/Professional Coaching)
  • Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology (Wholistic Personality Assessment & Life Purpose Finder)
  • Harville Hendrix’s Couples Dialogue (Building Strong Communication in Relationship)
  • NVC- Non Violent Communication (Compassionate Strategy to Communicate Needs and Feelings)
  • Dick Schwartz – Internal Family Systems Therapy (Healing the Inside to Change the Outside World)
  • Buddha Maitreya – Soul Therapy (Letting go of Past Karma and Stepping into the Now with Healing and Light)

Together with the right tools, the right strategy and the right support we can make a lasting change forever.

I look forward to becoming an integral part of your team and a pillar of support in your life.




The 100 Day Healing & Transformation Program:

  • 12 phone (1x a week) for 60 minutes over a 100-day period. *Many clients choose to continue after the 100 days in an ongoing manner and this is available to you.
  • Your choice of weekly email or text support

Call design is based on your specific situation and needs. Each 60-minute call may include any or all of the following:

  • Review of prior weeks progress (both the challenges and successes)
  • In-depth dialogue and counseling to address your unique life situations & life-goals
  • A strategic action plan to execute your goals and desired outcomes
  • Development of tools to overcome obstacles and challenges which arise
  • Brainstorming and creative collaboration to move a current dream or project forward
  • Problem solving and solution development
  • Astrological review of vital chart themes, personality development & self-improvement
  • New routine building and lifestyle structuring
  • Pure Counseling—the need to be heard, listened to, to share yourself completely


  • Accomplishment of your top priority goals
  • Connection to your greater purpose
  • Increased feeling of meaning and fulfillment in your daily life
  • Greater emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being
  • Visible growth in the richness of your life—through an improved conscious lifestyle
  • Strong and healthy relationships–with yourself and others

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