Flexibility Made Easy: 5 Secrets to Your Success

Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 in Self-Care & Stress Relief | 0 comments

1.  Set Goals. Define your goals. Why does being flexible matter to you? Whether you’re looking to improve your golf swing, relieve back pain, or touch your toes referencing your goals will help you stay on track. 2.  Pick a Time of Day. When will you focus on your flexibility?   Make a plan for your stretching routine.  Morning, midday, or evening, prioritize your practice and stick to it!  3. Invite a Friend to Join You. The more the merrier.  Ask one of your friends,...

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Flexibility First: A Health Secret You Must Know

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As some of you may know, I am a big fan of flexibility. My fanaticism is not unfounded. I have seen the benefits of flexibility practices first hand.  Clients who were once back-surgery bound have become upright, pain-free, and mobile machines. Through steady, consistent, and targeted stretch routines you can change the face of your health. Continuing with our monthly theme of flexibility, today’s feature highlights an essential health secret you must know.  Put your...

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Make a Fresh Start: Choose Flexibility

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Flexibility is like the fountain of youth.  It is crucial to your fitness and health foundation.  Without flexibility all your motions become limited, stress accumulates, and tension builds.  Take a minute to be mindful of your flexibility.  Here is a simple to stretch you can implement morning, midday, and evening. Whether you are just waking up, working through a busy day or ending your evening this hamstring stretch can help you to relieve low back tension and stress....

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Be Still & Know: 5 Ways Meditation Empowers Your Success

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At the heart of many successful artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs lives the ability to make great choices, follow inspiration and take risks. Each of these skills relies on the practicality of participating in day-to-day life with a high level of involvement. There are phone calls to be made, bills to be paid and people to answer to, at any hour, of every day. However, if a busy life is not coupled with the compliments of detachment, discernment and discipline...

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