Meditation 101 – Tips for Beginners Part 1

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Consciousness & Awareness, Meditation & Breathwork | 0 comments

I am happy to announce to you my new YouTube Channel called AlisonMillerTV.  Here, I will be posting regular videos about mind, body, and spirit wellness to help you create physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.   Today’s post is the first in a video series called Meditation 101 – Tips for Beginners. Meditation is a practice that helps you to develop peace, clarity, and wisdom.  Learning to be still is medicine for your spirit.  Spiritual well-being lies at...

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Be Still & Know: 5 Ways Meditation Empowers Your Success

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At the heart of many successful artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs lives the ability to make great choices, follow inspiration and take risks. Each of these skills relies on the practicality of participating in day-to-day life with a high level of involvement. There are phone calls to be made, bills to be paid and people to answer to, at any hour, of every day. However, if a busy life is not coupled with the compliments of detachment, discernment and discipline...

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