Alison Miller Blog Personal Development HeartCan you imagine living in a world where the individual hearts of humanity are unified through a state of love which transcends race, religion, and political affiliation?

Can you imagine living in a world where education, housing, healthcare, and nutrition are provided for all people?

Can you imagine living in a world where individual choices demonstrate an ethic of caring for the earth and the environment in a mutually beneficial way, thus developing synergistic social, economic, and political structures?

This is the world I imagine. This is the world I am committed to building. This is the world I am dedicated to helping others build.

The possibility of this world exists and it belongs to each of us; creating it is easier than you and I may think.

This world is co-created by individuals who dedicate their lives to living their life’s mission.

When society’s members unify through their diverse life missions we will see the birth of a world that works for everybody.

Individual life missions can be compared to that of a single drop of water.

Perhaps we think of a drop of water as weak and insignificant, until we unleash the power in thousands and millions of particles of water at the same time which demonstrate tremendous power and strength; like that of the ocean.

vision-waterdrop“Most realize that a drop of water exists within the ocean but, few realize that the ocean exists within a drop.”vision-wave

The choice and nurturing of this theory is, at first, intangible yet very important.

Living your life’s mission, may be thought of as, in and of itself, perhaps insignificant on a mass scale.

However, when we take a closer look, we can see this is not the case.

Once each individual has harnessed his or her personal mission, that person’s power and potential can be realized as contributing globally to the collective health and world systems of well being.

It doesn’t take superhuman strength—no drastic feats or self-denial.

All it takes is one step, one moment, one heart at a time, one choice at a time—it’s up to you and me.