“Thanks again for your powerful insight and wisdom. Our time together had so much that was relevant for me.”

– Eleanor Coppola, Filmmaker, Artist & Wife of Director Francis Ford Coppola







“After time with Alison I feel like a Jedi Knight—she unlocks the force within me. Working together has helped me clarify my goals, shift my viewpoint, and helped catalyze a major paradigm shift in my life. Our time together has helped me develop a critical focus on how to use my best talents and only do what I am best at. I am endlessly grateful for my career results and time with her.”

– Jordan Allen-Dutton, Three-Time Emmy Nominated Writer and Owner of Lightening Twice Productions





“My experience with Alison is that she has a great ability to express wisdom and insight in a practical and easy to understand way so that I can apply what she says in my life. Being practical is very important to me. As a composer for films and trailers, I need things to be simple, powerful and effective, as my work needs to be professional, fast and creative amidst intense competition and scrutiny. Alison gave me such a clear way to understand what blocks me and how to use my innate gifts to be more effective and fulfilled in my life. It was clear that she understood my needs, challenges and goals, and therefore she really gave me useful and effective techniques and advise for being more successful and fulfilled. After my session with Alison, I felt deeply inspired by her. I have and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to further the fulfillment they seek in their personal and professional lives.”

  • Jonathan Beaudette, Professional Composer and Musician


“Alison is a natural intuit. She has a gift for listening, understanding and co-creating tangible steps for success. I come away from our conversations feeling inspired, energized and aligned.”

– Elaine Gast, President, Four Winds Writing






todd boston“Coaching with Alison is amazing! It has given me so much clarity and focus.
Alison, thank-you so much for helping me to grow, vision and achieve my goals.”

– Todd Boston, Award-Winning Musician, Produced by Wil Ackerman–Founder of Windham Hill Records





“Alison is truly gifted at helping people realize their truths and live to their most radiant potential. Having her in my corner has kept me on track spiritually and professionally and knowing she is there to guide me is an enormous blessing in my life that I cherish. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking a clear or fresh perspective and to anyone who is wanting to know themselves and act with confidence. She is deeply intuitive and I’d trust her with anything.”

– Mesha Kussman, President, Aqualillies Entertainment




” Many people ask me, “Why do you have a coach?” I am glad to answer my experience with coaching has been paramount to creating the future I desire.Alison works with me to ensure my goals and actions line up with my true purpose. She notices my patterns and poses questions that get me to feel my choices, which often cuts short my tendency to circle in a never ending loop of indecision, and helps me to confidently move forward. Working together has led to invaluable growth, the greatest of which is confidence in my purpose. The process of working together on the phone has also been instrumental as it relieves the experience of visual and circumstantial distractions and allows instincts to guide the call. I have especially enjoyed the additional materials and articles Alison has sent me; each one is well chosen to accompany our work together. Our sessions are always challenging, uplifting and moving. Alison, you have my sincere gratitude.”

– Monique McKellop, Owner of Momo Bracelets


Jared May“Before working with Alison, I felt overwhelmed by which opportunities take, what professional opportunities to pursue or not pursue, and regularly talked myself out of my gut feelings. Working with Alison helped me re-center, re-calibrate, and redirect my focus. Where I once doubted my intuition, I would now describe my intuition as “on fire” (and people are noticing)! I am calm, but driven. I know what to do and I am doing it. By working together, to strengthen my ability to listen to my intuition, have faith in myself, and be grounded, I have been able to take big leaps outside my comfort zone. I now make the choices that are true for me. The result, my phone is blowing up and I am busy making music and money. My work is meaningful, inspiring and fun.”

– Jared May, The Bassist



“Alison is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive reader and life coach. Having worked with a number of specialists in this field before, I appreciate the balance between Alison’s inner abilities to perceive the inner workings of a person’s psyche, and her fluid communicative process through which she expresses her vision. She has a natural talent as a communicator, which when combined with her subtle inner vision allows a client to receive and work through material that they otherwise might have missed or avoided. I would recommend Alison’s services to anyone looking to deepen their insight into themselves and their lives.”

– W.B. Stewart, President of Sacred Science Institute




“Alison’s insight has been enormously helpful in improving my life experience and in advancing my career. Her listening skills, intuition, experience and natural wisdom are all very sharp. Without a doubt, her sessions have catalyzed real and startling growth in me. In fact, each session seems to bring a spark of surprising, new self-knowledge, clearing away blockages that have been barring my progression and enabling me to reach long-held goals that had previously seemed beyond my grasp.”

– R.F. – Writer & Artist


“Coaching with Alison is amazing! She somehow knows exactly what to say at exactly the right moment. Her intuitive hits are spot on. By following them I have encountered many new opportunities. Alison can help you get centered and help you align with your life’s destiny. Moments with her are cherishable. The knowledge and insights I have discovered in our work together will serve me for the rest of my life.”

– Gerit Williams, Professional Guitar Player





“Alison is a stellar coach and remarkable person. Shortly after we started working together I unexpectedly lost my job. Instead of torpedoing down the rabbit hole of overwhelm and fear, Alison brought great clarity and perspective to the situation I was experiencing. With wisdom and clear eyes she guided me to higher ground. I was able to see and access that part of myself that was ready, willing, and able to turn this hardship into an opportunity. Career transition is about knowing yourself. With Alison’s caring ear and sharp intuition, I found myself with the perfect guide to help me set sail in a direction aligned with my values and needs. My guideposts are no longer just surviving or getting by. Instead of asking myself “Can I achieve this?” I ask myself “Do I care about this?”…”Is this aligned with what I value in life?” I’m able to shift away from anxiety and onto what I really want my life to be about. I know for certain my words can not express fully the range of Alison’s gifts. She is truly gifted. And inspired. Qualities that will make themselves evident if you choose to work with her. I can’t recommended her highly enough if you are seeking a more vibrant and purposeful life. She’s just that good :)”

– Andria Hopkins, Creative Professional